Wednesday, December 19, 2007

what to do

Little kids at the beach
Sometimes in life you don’t know what to do. That is what my life has been the last couple of months. With all that is going on with my family I just have not known what to do. But that’s when God shows up! My father was diagnosed with cancer and my world has totally changed. It is hard to see my father in his weakened state. Even when we talk on the phone I can hear how tired he is. But he is not giving up.
God is doing a work. He got good news from the doctors. They said all his blood numbers are up. Which means this special treatment is working. Now we are waiting for medicare to approved the next round of treatment. Hopefully this will start a week after Christmas. I want to wish a special thanks to everyone who has prayed for us,donated to my family or even said a kind word. I believe these acts have help to sustain my family through this time. God provided for family so we can have Christmas in our own home and not have to worry about moving until after the holidays.